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Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer? 6 Points To Consider.

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Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

That is the big questions here.... When we faced the question during our own wedding planning, "Do we need to hire a wedding videographer?" our budget and commitment to photography were already stretching, but we knew that there are only two things we get to keep forever after our wedding day. Our photos, and our video.

As wedding videographers, we our viewpoint may be slightly biased, but here are 6 points to consider:

1) A picture is worth a thousand words:

Well...videos actually have words in them. Pictures are incredible and captures moments in time like nothing else. However video embraces everything photos have and even more, with movement, and sounds. There is a big difference from going to an art museum and going to the cinemas.

2) A Story That You Can Feel: You know how you feel when you watch your favourite movie? From perfectly cut scenes, to perfect dialog - it makes up a film that you can FEEL, and relate to yourself. We create just that, but it's all about you, and your friends and family, and trust us - its a story you won't want to forget!

3) Audio In Your Video: What you are seeing in a wedding video is only 50% of the experience. The other half is sound. We work so hard throughout the day to capture sound from the day, from your vows, speeches, to natural audio from the day, it is just as important as the video we capture! I sure am glad I can go back and watch my grandma and grandpas speech at our reception!

4) Movement With a Purpose: With video we are able to capture so much emotion and purpose through movement. Life is full of movement, and a wedding video captures all of that to create a store that you feel like you are reliving.

5) A New Perspective: A wedding film allows you to see your day from a different perspective, capturing moments you might miss. It acts as a fly on the wall, documenting the entire day, even the parts you might not experience firsthand.

6) Creativity Enhances the Experience: A Wedding Videographer's creativity can add unique elements to your day, suggesting creative ideas or lifestyle shoots that reveal individual perspectives. Fresh ideas can make your wedding experience more enjoyable and memorable.

When the post-wedding blues set in, knowing you can relive the entire experience is a huge relief. Whether you choose to work with us or any fantastic vendors in Canada, hiring a Wedding Videographer ensures you won't regret the decision. It's not just about preserving memories; it's about creating a timeless piece of art that captures the essence of your love story.


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